Absolutely! Whether you stopped using Litter Manager because it was too much work or you had a hard time remembering, if you’d like to try Pet Manager, you’re more than welcome to!

We’ve brought over litters that were entered into Litter Manager so there is a chance if you stopped using Litter Manager and did not finish entering owners for that litter, you may have open litters that you no longer need in Pet Manager.

If this is the case, simply follow the instructions on closing a litter.

Pet Manager is more flexible than Litter Manager so if you found you weren’t taking the time to use Litter Manager, consider entering your pet parents as ‘Contacts’. This will create a list of pet parents you can track in Pet Manager, without having to enter litter information.

Check your Pet Manager to see if you need to close any older litters and get started with the Pet Manager How To today!