10 Things to Get You Started with the TLC Pet Pro Program

Follow these 10 steps to help you start off on the right paw!

1. Learn what sets TLC Whole Life Pet Food apart from other pet food on the market

Understanding the nutritional benefits TLC has to offer the animals in your care is essential to success in the TLC Pet Pro Program. Once you have transitioned to TLC, take note of your own personal experience. Pet Professionals often comment on improved coat appearance, stool consistency,  energy and muscle development. Share that with your pet parents. Learn how every ingredient found in TLC Pet Food has been chosen for its nutritional benefits and pick out your top 3. Your pet parents will have questions and there is no one better to provide answers than you.

Explore the ‘Nutrition’ section from the TLC Pet Pro Scoop here. 

2. Find the URL to your personalized TLC webpage

As a qualified TLC Pet Pro, you were given a personalized web page on our retail website (where your pet parents will make their purchases). The easiest way to share your expert recommendation to feed TLC is to share the URL to your web page with as many pet parents as you can. When a visitor creates an account after visiting your webpage, they will automatically be linked to your Pet Pro account as a referral. When they place their first order with TLC, you will begin receiving rewards.

Your personalized web page URL is:

You can quickly access the URL to your personalized webpage by visiting My Company or check out the next step to learn more about further customizing your webpage through Breed Profiles.

3. Further customize your webpage using Breed Profiles

No one knows the animals in your care better than you, including what Whole Life Pet Food formula works best for your breed(s). Manage your Breed Profiles and select your preferred TLC formula for each one. Choose an Autoship frequency that makes sense for your pet parents. After saving your Breed Profile, a URL will be generated. Each URL will lead to your webpage where:

Visitors to breed profiles will also receive $5 off when they place their first order and be given the chance to claim a free gift. Your Pet Pro Specialist may have already got you started by setting up your Breed Profiles. Check them out or create yours today.  

4. Get started using Pet Manager

Pet Manager is an easy-to-use tool that can assist in helping you manage your TLC business. Get permission from your pet parents to email them the URL to your webpage. Enter them into Pet Manager and TLC will send a link to your webpage right to their inbox. Once they create an account, place an order or set up an Autoship, you’ll be updated in Pet Manager. You can use Pet Manager to organize groups of pet parents (ie., by litter, source, etc.,) by using the ‘New Pet Parent’ type or can choose the ‘Contact’ pet parent type for any kind of pet parent who would benefit from learning about TLC. Learn more about how Pet Manager works here and get started today!

5. Familiarize yourself with the TLC Puppy Pack

The TLC Puppy and Kitten Pack are great conversation starters and a physical reminder for pet parents to check out TLC. Get to know each piece included and pull out your favorites to draw attention to them.

6. Prepare answers to pet parents' most common questions using 'Why Choose' answer sheet

Nothing is more important than the nutrition fed to our fur babies and pet parents are more inquisitive and knowledgeable than ever before. Use the ‘Why Choose TLC?’ question and answer sheet to walk through the most common questions pet parents ask. Feel confident in feeding a holistic and biologically appropriate food!

7. Hang your 'We Feed & Recommend' poster where pet parents will see it

You’re proud to feed TLC and want everyone to know it. Hang your We Feed & Recommend poster somewhere that sees a lot of traffic or use it as a backdrop when creating online content. Find a printable version of the poster here.

8. Share your expert recommendation online and widen your reach

TLC has plenty of content you can use to help spread the word about TLC through social media and your website. Here are just a few things you can do to take your recommendation online:

9. Explore Loyalty Reporting for insight into your performance

Knowledge is power. Check out the reports available to you to assist in managing your TLC business. The Pet Pro Program runs on a monthly cycle, track your progress and connect with your Pet Pro Specialist or Pet Pro Account Manager for guidance on what the numbers can tell you!  

My Loyalty Dashboard

Your dashboard offers a high-level overview of your current performance. See things like your current level, your combined sales volume, a snapshot of your sales volume growth over time and a look at your new referrals.

My Earnings

Your Earnings report shows you a month by month snapshot of your total earnings; a breakdown of your personal purchases and referral purchases, along with points earned for each transaction.

When viewing your Earnings Report for the current month, you’ll be presented with each transaction for that month and any associated Base Points earned as well as your Potential Bonus points based on your current Level. 

When viewing your Earnings Report for a date in the past, you are looking at the transactions accumulated for that month and their associated base points as well as any Bonus points that were awarded to you based on the Level reached for that month.

My Points

Your Points Report is like a bank ledger, demonstrating each and every points transaction that contributes to your Current Points Balance. This includes things like points spent on personal purchases. 

My Referrals

Your Referrals Report displays your 25 most recent referrals by default, providing helpful information like whether they’re currently using Autoship, their registration date and more.

Pet Manager and Pet Manager Reporting

When you choose to use Pet Manager, you’ll gain insight into your recommendation you just won’t get anywhere else.

First, by entering pet parents as ‘New Pet Parent’ or ‘Contacts’ you’ll trigger communications sent on your behalf directing pet parents to your webpage. Pet Manager will update when your pet parents have created a TLC account, placed their first order and created an Autoship schedule.

Access historical Pet Manager reporting through the Pet Manager Performance and Pet Parent Report to see how well your groups of pet parents have converted to TLC customers over time. 

Hint: You can also access Pet Manager Performance reporting for keeping track of helpful litter information like number of pets born to the litter, etc., 

10. Review your account information

Now that you have all the information you need to hit the ground running, take some time to confirm your account information.

Review your Account information here, including:

My Company

The name you operate your business under. Feel free to complete any details about your business that you’d like.

My Payment Methods 

Manage your payment methods through our secure payment gateway. All of your information is instantly encrypted and not visible to anyone after entering. When you have entered your payment methods, your Pet Pro Specialist and Pet Pro Account Manager are able to place your bulk orders on your behalf.

My Addresses

Manage your shipping addresses to 

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