Litter Manager is now Pet Manager! Learn everything you need to know about what’s changed and pick up exactly where you left off.

Transitioning From Litter Manager to Pet Manager

Litter Manager is now Pet Manager! Learn everything you need to know about what's changed and pick up exactly where you left off!

We’ve taken the best parts of Litter Manager and created a new tool called Pet Manager. Any open litters and pet parents you created in Litter Manager have been moved into Pet Manager with the transition to the new website, so you can pick up right where you left off! Check out the answers to your most important questions below and get started using Pet Manager today!

Questions About the Switch to Pet Manager

  • What happened to the litters I entered in Litter Manager?

    Pick up right where you left off!

    All litters entered into Litter Manager have been migrated to Pet Manager, including "closed" litters. You can find your "open" litters on the Pet Manager dashboard and can see current information about all of your pet parents immediately. You can also add more pet parents to litters who still had owners left to add.

    Open Pet Manager and view your litters. The Litter Names will be shown on the left hand side of the table. If you have multiple open litters, you can filter the table by the litter name.

    Your "owners" have been moved into Pet Manager as "New Pet Parents". Information, including their name, email address, phone number etc., can be viewed by clicking the "Edit" icon next to their name. See up-to-date information on whether they've created a TLC account, placed their first order or scheduled an order using Autoship. You begin receiving points and earning volume for referring your pet parent when they place their first order.

  • Will pet parents entered into Litter Manager continue receiving emails?

    Pet parents who were entered into Litter Manager have been moved to the new system and will continue receiving communications via email based on:

    • Their pet's Go Home Date
    • Whether they've met any of the goals (created a TLC account, placed an order scheduled an order using Autoship)

    In the email communications they receive, they will be directed to your new personalized web pages, customized according to the breed profiles you already set up to use Litter Manager.

    We've taken lessons learned from Litter Manager to tailor communications in order to provide new pet parents with quality information without bombarding their inboxes. Pet parents you entered into Litter Manager began receiving the updated communications immediately upon the launch of the new retail website.

  • How are pet parents linked to my account using Pet Manager?

    Visitors to your personalized web page on will be connected to you as a referral if they create a new account. Pet parents will also have $5 automatically applied to their account when they schedule or place their first order. When you enter pet parents into Pet Manager, the system will check to see if they already have an account. If the system finds an account for your pet parent, they will be automatically linked to you as a referral (if they weren't already).

  • How do I create a new litter in Pet Manager?

    To create a new litter using Pet Manager:

    Select A Pet Parent Type

    • From Pet Manager, click "Add Pet Parents"
    • Select "New Pet Parent" type to create a litter

    Create Litter

    • Name your litter (use something to help you identify the litter later on)
    • Choose a Birth Date (there are no longer limitations for the birth date)
    • Enter the number of pet parents expected to be bringing pets home from this litter
    • Enter the total number of pets born to this litter (this allows you to track the total number of pets born to the litter, even those who won't be going home with a pet parent)
    • Assign a breed to the litter (to do this, you must have a breed profile configured)

    When you indicate the breed associated with the litter, it will automatically populate:

    • Recommended formula
    • Months to transition (an option available if recommending puppy food)
    • Recommended Autoship frequency
    • Notes (you can add any additional notes you'd like about the litter)

    The formula and Autoship recommendations will dictate what TLC formula is recommended on your personalized TLC web page that is sent to your pet parents. You may choose to override the formula and frequency recommendations for the litter.

    Click "Save and Exit" to create the litter. You will find spaces available to begin adding pet parents to the litter.

    Click "Save and Continue" to create another litter.

  • What are New Pet Parents and Contacts?

    Using Pet Manager, you can share your recommendation to feed TLC with two types of pet parents:

    New Pet Parents

    Formerly known as "Owners" in Litter Manager, New Pet Parents will be or have recently brought home a new pet.

    New Pet Parents will receive email communications that link to your personalized web page at, configured to display the TLC product and Autoship frequency you recommend based on breed.

    New Pet Parents are added to litters.

    After creating a litter, find the litter you wish to add a Pet Parent to.

    Select an open space and click "Add Pet Parent"

    The Add Pet Parent button will indicate the number of spaces remaining in the litter.

    • Pet Name (optional) - used to identify the pet they are or have brought home
    • First and Last Name (required) - used to identify the TLC account once created
    • Email Address (required) - each New Pet Parent requires at least one email address in order for them to receive TLC communications directing them to your personalized web page and in order to match them to their TLC account
    • Secondary Email Address (optional) - can be used to include a possible secondary email address that might be used to create a TLC account. Only the first email address will receive TLC communications but the secondary email address will be used to match the New Pet Parent to a TLC account if the email address is used to create an account first.
    • Phone (optional)- phone number used to contact your pet parent
    • Go Home Date - the date the New Pet Parent is expected to bring home their new pet
    • Notes (optional) - any additional information you want to add about the pet parents

    Contacts *NEW*

    Contacts are any pet parent in your network. Contacts will receive email communications directing them to your personalized TLC web page displaying all TLC products and defaulting to recommend a 5-week Autoship frequency.

    You can use the "Contact" pet parent type to add neighbors, friends, family, social media followers, etc., or any pet parent you'd like to share TLC with. Contacts are independent and not associated with a litter. The contact type has space for the same information a New Pet Parent does except for Go Home Date. Contacts will remain on your Pet Manager dashboard for 30 days, after which they will "close". Once a contact has been 'Closed', you can view their details in the Pet Parent Performance report.

  • Where are my 'closed' litters from Litter Manager?

    We've brought over all of the litter information from Litter Manager. You can find historical information about your past litters by visiting:

    Pet Manager Performance

    This report will provide you an overview of the litters you entered into Litter Manager and those you will enter into Pet Manager. You can adjust the date filters, look at open only or closed litters only and view the conversion rate. The conversion rate is calculated by taking the number of new pet parents added to Litter Manager or Pet Manager and comparing the number of first orders placed.

    Pet Parent Performance

    The Pet Parent Performance Report gives you insight into the pet parents you've added to Litter Manager and Pet Manager. See your total number of 'New Pet Parents' vs 'Contacts', how many have placed their first orders, what breed and litter they were associated with, and more.

  • How do I remove a pet or pet parent?

    Similar to Litter Manager, a litter will remain open until:

    • All pet parents have been assigned AND
    • 30 days have passed after the last Go Home Date

    Closing a litter with an unassigned pet

    If you are no longer giving one of the pets from your litters away or there were extra spaces added to a litter in error, you can remove those spaces by clicking the 'x' next to the litter 'Add Pet Parent' button. If you remove all available spaces, the litter will close 30 days after the last Go Home Date. If that condition has already been met, the litter will close immediately.

    Removing a pet parent

    You can remove a pet parent from pet manager by clicking the trash can so long as all three goals have not been met. If all three goals have been met, the pet parent can no longer be removed. Removing a pet parent will remove them from the TLC subscription list and they will no longer receive Pet Manager related emails.

    You will be prompted for a deletion reason which can then be retained for reporting purposes. You will see the number of 'Pets Removed' as the total number of spaces deleted combined with the difference between the number of pet parents and pets in each litter.

  • I stopped using Litter Manager, can I use Pet Manager?

    Absolutely! Whether you stopped using Litter Manager because it was too much work or you had a hard time remembering, if you'd like to try Pet Manager, you're more than welcome to!

    We've brought over litters that were entered into Litter Manager so there is a chance if you stopped using Litter Manager and did not finish entering owners for that litter, you may have open litters that you no longer need in Pet Manager.

    If this is the case, simply follow the instructions on closing a litter.

    Pet Manager is more flexible than Litter Manager so if you found you weren't taking the time to use Litter Manager, consider entering your pet parents as 'Contacts'. This will create a list of pet parents you can track in Pet Manager, without having to enter litter information.

    Check your Pet Manager to see if you need to close any older litters and get started with the Pet Manager How To today!

  • Open Pet Manager and take a look at any information that’s been brought over from Litter Manager. Read the Pet Manager How To for step by step instructions. Get started today and feel free to contact your Pet Pro Specialist or Account Manager if you have any questions!