To create a new litter using Pet Manager:

Select A Pet Parent Type

  • From Pet Manager, click “Add Pet Parents”
  • Select “New Pet Parent” type to create a litter

Create Litter

  • Name your litter (use something to help you identify the litter later on)
  • Choose a Birth Date (there are no longer limitations for the birth date)
  • Enter the number of pet parents expected to be bringing pets home from this litter
  • Enter the total number of pets born to this litter (this allows you to track the total number of pets born to the litter, even those who won’t be going home with a pet parent)
  • Assign a breed to the litter (to do this, you must have a breed profile configured)

When you indicate the breed associated with the litter, it will automatically populate:

  • Recommended formula
  • Months to transition (an option available if recommending puppy food)
  • Recommended Autoship frequency
  • Notes (you can add any additional notes you’d like about the litter)

The formula and Autoship recommendations will dictate what TLC formula is recommended on your personalized TLC web page that is sent to your pet parents. You may choose to override the formula and frequency recommendations for the litter.

Click “Save and Exit” to create the litter. You will find spaces available to begin adding pet parents to the litter.

Click “Save and Continue” to create another litter.