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Pet Manager FAQ

  • When does a tag/litter close?

    Tags/litters will remain visible in Pet Manager until the tag they are associated with has closed. A litter will remain open until ALL referrals have been added (or removed) AND 30 days have passed from the last Go Home Date associated with the tag. Once the litter is closed, you will still be able to search or filter to view it.  Contacts remain visible in Pet Manager for 30 days from the date added.

  • How can I encourage my referrals to order?

    We will provide you with nutrition information templates, print-outs, and social media posts that can all be shared with your referrals to help explain why TLC Pet Food is the right choice for their pet! You can send your referrals to your general Pet Pro Nutrition Link or your Feed by Breed Link to encourage them to order. 

    You can view and use our email templates here.

  • What is a tag?

    Tags help you organize a group of related new referrals that you will be managing and tracking. What you name this group will be your new tag! If you had a new litter of puppies and wanted to add those pet parent referrals under one group, you would create a tag/litter. For example, you may make a tag called “Maggie_1” to group every pet parent of Maggie’s first litter. The name you choose for your litter can be anything that helps you remember and organize the group of referrals!

    You can continue to add new tags/litters as needed and filter to view each of your different tags/litters.